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of cancer research

Take part in the fundraising campaign for the IARC Nouveau Centre building

IARC history

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which was established in 1965 at the initiative of General Charles de Gaulle, still embodies the values he believed in:

Général de Gaulle

“Cooperation between peoples, the improvement of the human condition, and the advancement of science”. These remain at the heart of IARC’s actions, thanks to your help.

One vision

One vision:

Health for all

Tobacco, alcohol, asbestos, and pesticides and other chemicals have been identified as carcinogenic hazards by the IARC Monographs. Thanks to IARC’s research progress, people are now better informed. Every year, the publication of IARC Monographs, made available to all free of charge, enables the identification of environmental factors that are carcinogenic hazards to humans.

IARC encourages open, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and accessible science, ensuring that knowledge is shared with researchers from all over the world, with an ever-stronger impact on public health.

IARC is a reference in terms of scientific publications and global cancer data. The Agency also trains new generations of cancer researchers.
A few figures
  • A fact

    10 million

    people die of cancer per year worldwide.

  • A solution

    30 - 50%

    of cancer cases could be avoided through prevention.

  • A unique organization

    1 Agency

    IARC is the only institution doing research on cancer prevention for the benefit of humanity.

About IARC

IARC is the only cancer prevention research organization working for the benefit of humanity.

As a specialized agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), its scientific studies are widely recognized for their quality and independence. Its research findings are published and are available for free.

In 2022, IARC will move its headquarters to the Nouveau Centre building in Lyon. A unique place, open to all. A collaborative platform that will allow researchers from Lyon and around the world to meet, share the results of their research, and thus advance the fight against cancer.

Equipped with a biobank of 10 million samples, this new location will accommodate 500 researchers of 50 different nationalities, working daily within the Nouveau Centre. To obtain the equipment that is essential for these researchers and to offer them the best working conditions, IARC invites you to have your name inscribed on its building and help to write its history.

Support IARC

How to support us

Your name on the IARC building

Having your name or that of a loved one inscribed at the heart of cancer research is an excellent way to participate in the future of global health.

Your donation, symbolized by the name of your choice printed onto a sheet of self-adhesive vinyl and affixed to the glass doors or walls of the building, will help fund cancer research.

Why support us?

Why support us?

Your name inscribed at the heart of cancer research

To ensure the sustainability, quality, and independence of its work, IARC depends on the support of its donors. All of us – researchers, families, individuals - wherever we are, we are all concerned by cancer prevention. On average, one in five people develop cancer during their lifetime. Each of us can take action individually.

By having your name or that of a loved one inscribed on the Nouveau Centre building, you can contribute to the future of humanity.

Frequently asked questions
  • Born out of an impetus of international solidarity, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was established in 1965 by a resolution of the World Health Assembly as a specialized agency of the World Health Organization (WHO). IARC is the global agency of the United Nations that works for the prevention of cancer.

    IARC is responsible for promoting international collaboration in cancer research. It collaborates with national authorities, international organizations including WHO, stakeholders from the public and private sectors, and researchers from various disciplines, such as laboratory sciences, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and epidemiology, in more than 140 countries.

  • IARC must remain the global benchmark for cancer prevention research and enable the implementation of evidence-based prevention strategies at a global level, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

    In 2022, IARC will move its headquarters to the Nouveau Centre building, located in the Gerland Biodistrict in Lyon. The building symbolizes a new era, and a major turning point for IARC.

    To ensure the recruitment of the most talented scientists, now and in the future, and to provide them with the best research conditions, IARC must offer a cutting-edge and efficient working environment. 100% of the donated funds will be used to finance fitting out the Nouveau Centre building, including equipment for laboratories and for one of the largest biobanks in the world.

  • A donation of €50 or more will be acknowledged with an inscription of a name of the donor’s choice with a maximum length of 26 characters.* The inscription, for a period of at least 5 years, will be in a randomly allocated location on the glass walls of the inside patio of the Nouveau Centre building.

    A donation of €150 will allow the inscription of a name on the main entrance doors on the south facade of the Nouveau Centre building, in a randomly allocated location, for a period of at least 5 years. These donors will also receive an invitation to attend the opening day of the Nouveau Centre building.**

    Please note that one donation of €50 or more, regardless of the amount, entitles the donor to have one name inscribed on the building. If a donor would like to have several names inscribed on the building, a separate donation must be made for each of the names to be inscribed.

    *The image of the inscription on the glass, shown at the time of donation, is a simulation only, and has no evidential value. IARC reserves the right to refuse or return a donation for any reason.
    ** An invitation for one person will be sent to the donor’s email address at the time of the inauguration of the Nouveau Centre, late 2022/early 2023. Travel costs and any other associated expenses are the responsibility of the donor. Subject to availability.

  • Donations on the IARC platform are 100% secure. Each donor will receive an automatic payment confirmation by email.

    In addition, IARC is recognized by the French authorities as a body of general interest. Therefore, for donors based in France, donations made to IARC are tax-deductible. For donors based in other countries, we recommend checking with the local tax authorities, because tax benefits differ from one country to another. If you require a letter acknowledging receipt of your donation, please contact us: nouveaucentre@iarc.fr

  • This is an opportunity to have your name or that of a loved one inscribed on the Nouveau Centre building. It applies to the names of individuals only. If you would like your company or organization to be acknowledged as a donor, please contact us: chauvetc@iarc.fr

  • The institutional partners of the Nouveau Centre are the French government, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the Métropole de Lyon, and the Ville de Lyon, which are financing the building. Media and business partners are supporting us in this fundraising campaign.

  • We would be pleased to answer all of your questions on how to support IARC. Please contact us: nouveaucentre@iarc.fr